Simple VU Capture The Flag lab


This CTF consists of 3 VirtualBox image files.

  1. Skids_playground.ova - Beginner (Skid) level. *Actually not so easy nor interesting… Suggest skipping.
  2. The_Young_God_lives_here.ova - Intermediate (Elite gamer) level.
  3. Slitaz_go_brr.ova - Experienced (1337 Haxor) level.

To start playing you will need to install VirtualBox and also the VM images listed above.

Note: Login into the 1st image with root:(blank)

Checking the flags

Flag format looks like this: Flag0-SampleFlag

To check the flag run:

curl "" -d "nick=TheITGuy" -d "flag=Flag0-SampleFlag"

You can also check previous flag submissions by other players:

curl ""

And yes no shiny/bloated flag submission system. This is a CTF after all just learn how to use curl :)


Skids playground

The Young God lives here

Slitaz go brr