Kernal in solidarity with RMS and the FSF

We encourage everyone to sign the support letter as opposed to this letter.

Cancel culture is truly a cancer that doesn’t belong in the free software community. Someone’s personal views don’t invalidate their contributions. The SJW mob who is trying to get Stallman, and now the whole board at the Free Software Foundation, resigned have no right to decide who gets to leave or stay. Especially when they haven’t ever really contributed to anything, and yes CoCs and bs don’t count. Let’s beat the perverts at their own game! We can easily outnumber the corporate mindsets signing against FSF.

You can sign the support letter by submitting a PR on Github here.

The repo being hosted on Microsoft GitHub is ironic considering it’s M$ and they’re anti-FOSS. Unlike other platforms, GitHub doesn’t support federated (cross-server) pull/merge requests. Luckily you can email your patch to them using git send-email without needing to have a GitHub account.

Sign the letter the way they describe in the README. Make a commit and prepare your patch file:

git format-patch -1

And then email it over:

git send-email 0001-Signed-by-Siren.patch \
	--smtp-server="" --smtp-user="" \
	--smtp-pass="supersecurepass" --smtp-encryption tls --smtp-server-port=587

Bonus meme